Women Only Classes

Kickboxing Programs - Women Only Classes
The Women Only class offers 1 free lesson initially, after which a fee of £35 will be required for your first month. This includes your first month’s training, your uniform and your insurance. The following months it will be a regular price of £29 per month.


Our new women only classes will run in a similar manner to that of our main adults program here at WBBA. It will fully support the aims and the ethos of our other classes and will offer a similar grading structure. The lessons will consist of a warm up, stretch and then the main part of the lesson which will include some cardio fitness. This will be in varied format including pad and partner work and the practical sparring application. There will be a variety of cardio-based fitness exercises and strength training. This aims to increase fitness, tone muscles, improve self-esteem and confidence and promote good health and well being. Above all though we aspire to develop some fantastic female martial artists!
The classes will be taught by 2 female instructors who have both been trained to the black belt second dan standards by WBBA. They have a wealth of experience in kickboxing and elements of other martial arts. WBBA incorporate components of other martial arts such as Brazilian Jujitsu because we feel this integrated approach makes the best martial artist and good all round fighters. Both women currently teach and train at WBBA and have fought competitively for the club throughout the West Midlands and beyond.The Women Only program is aimed at females over the age of 14 and is designed to give women the opportunity to access martial arts without any of the added pressure or barriers that can be incurred by having men present at the class.

Weight loss can also be a welcome bonus to this type of martial arts training. You can expect to tone up and lose a few pounds if you train regularly. Nutrition and life-style also play a big part in maintaining a healthy weight, fitness and being able to train to your full potential. We are happy to advise on this should our students want it.

Currently, our Women Only class is on a Monday night 6-7pm. †Check out the video below to see a clip of our 2 female instructors doing a demonstration of some pad combinations.†Please excuse the quality of the recording!