Kickboxing Programs - Dragons
 The first 2 lessons are free, after which a payment of £45 will be required.  This will include unlimited training in your first month, your uniform and your insurance.  Subsequent payments will depend on how often you want to train:

  • £29 per month for once a week training
  • £49 per month for twice a week training
  • £55 per month for unlimited training

All new students are eligible for two free lessons to book a place or to find out more information please contact us on 01922 643 200, through the contact form on this website  http://walsallkickboxing.co.uk/message-us/ or at walsallblackbeltacademy@yahoo.

Our Dragons program is for students from ages 8 and upwards. The children’s syllabus varies only slightly from that of the adults’ program, in as much that some of the syllabus material is withheld from the child, until we believe they have attained the maturity needed to learn and respect such techniques.

The withheld techniques are added to the bridging program which we refer to as junior blackbelt. We would hope for a junior to become a senior blackbelt within the school from 14 years of age.

Many students who choose martial arts are looking for the following:

  • Improvements in fitness & well being
  • Increased self confidence
  • To learn how to defend themselves and their families

When compiling the main program we have tried to include techniques from different styles that we feel would be useful for:

  • Self defence
  • Competitive/Tournament Fighting
  • A higher level of fitness (fat burning & toning)

This usually covers most goals that people are looking to attain. However, where possible we will try to help you achieve any specific goals you may have.

Lessons are one hour long and generally consist of a warm up – stretch – lesson content. The lesson content can take place in many formats such as line work, pad work, sparring, shadow sparring, cardio fitness and ground work. More often than not students will partner up during the lessons with students of the same or similar ability. This encourages our students to bond, work together, encourage each other, and enjoy their training.

Coaches and instructors are always on hand within the lessons to answer questions, explain technique and application.

The lessons are based on a monthly rota giving the students a chance to practice techniques and help understand some of the many forms of application.

Gradings are every month with a graduation grading (next belt) every three months You must attend at least six lessons a month to be eligible for gradings.

It is recommended that your child train twice a week. This will enable the student to cover all aspects of the syllabus.

All new students are eligible for two free lessons to book a place or to find out more information please contact us on 01922 643 200, through the contact form on this website http://walsallkickboxing.co.uk/message-us/ or at walsallblackbeltacademy@yahoo.