WBBA Programs

Programs - Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas

Our Little ninja program is fun packed and specially designed for 4-7 year olds learning basic martial arts techniques incorporating key social skills including respect discipline ... Read More

Programs - Dragons


Our Dragons program is for students from ages 8 and upwards. The children’s syllabus varies only slightly from that of the adults', in as much that some of the syllabus material is ... Read More

Programs - Adult Program

Adult Program

Lessons are one hour long and generally consist of a warm up – stretch – lesson content. The lesson content can take place in many formats such as line work, pad work, sparring, sh ... Read More

Programs - Sparring


Sparring is for any of our students who want to compete, or those who just want to improve their fitness and understand the application of all our techniques in the syllabus. R ... Read More

Programs - Women Only Classes

Women Only Classes

Our new women only classes will run in a similar manner to that of our main adults programme here at WBBA. It will fully support the aims and the ethos of our other classes and wil ... Read More

Programs - Strike & Grapple

Strike & Grapple

Our Strike and Grapple class is tailored to cover the basic foundation techniques required to gain a well rounded skill set with the emphasis being put on safety. This allows for a ... Read More

Programs - Boxing


Our boxing lessons are ideal to compliment your kickboxing training or as a completely separate discipline. Strength, speed, reflexes and endurance are the basic principles behind ... Read More

Programs - Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons with our expert instructors. One to one tuition tailored to your requirements. › ... Read More