Our Philosophy

At Walsall Blackbelt Academy we promote a real sense of family training. All of our students are encouraged to train together, help each other and support each other as they progress along their individual martial arts paths. There is a fun but disciplined atmosphere within the academy and all students work hard to attain each grade. 

At Walsall Blackbelt Academy we teach a multi-system syllabus designed to increase confidence, raise awareness, improve fitness and provide you with a mixed martial arts programme that is both realistic and attainable to all ages.

Developing physical fitness is core to any martial arts programme and we at Walsall Blackbelt Academy consider it an important aspect of our training. Our instructors are trained to continually inspire students to improve their physical fitness, eat sensibly and live healthy. We welcome students of all fitness levels.  There is no need to get fit before you join.  It will develop naturally as you progress.

Our system is based on the sport side of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Strike and Grapple.  All techniques will be applied in three ways: syllabus pad work, sparring, and street self-defence. For those students that do not wish to experience contact sparring we have a free-style pad program.

Kickboxing fight squad training is on Tuesday evening for all those students who wish to train for competition sparring or those students who are looking for a really good workout. These classes are not for the faint hearted….

Pricing Details
We tag grade every month and graduation grade (next belt) every three months.
For programme costs please see individual programmes.
Membership is FREE and includes uniform, insurance and licence.
There are discounts for families. Please contact us for details.
All new students are eligible for two free lessons.
You must attend at least six lessons a month to be eligible for gradings.

To book a place or to find out more information please contact us on the number or email below.

In addition to our main syllabus we offer several other classes. Boxing classes are on a Wednesday evening.  We also offer a strike and grapple class on a Wednesday evening.  In addition to this, we are now offering a women only class on a Monday evening whereby the dojo is only open to women and no men will be permitted on the premises. These are entirely separate programs from our main syllabus and as such have their own pricing structures.  Consult the individual program pages from the menu to see pricing structures or call us on the number below.

Thank you for taking time to look at our web site. We hope you find all the information you require here but please feel free to contact us if you have further questions that need to be answered.